Membership Information:

Membership in the BMLA is to open all Big Marine Lakeshore property owners, to all users of the lake, and to anyone who has an interest in keeping the lake healthy and beautiful.

The BMLA needs membership numbers to help advance our agenda with governmental agencies and other entities from which we seek grants or assistance.

Having a high percentage of lakeshore property owners who are members has a very positive influence in obtaining positive action. Past individual membership contributions have ranged from $15 to $500 or more/year. About 100, or 50%, of Big Marine property owners are members.

Please join the Big Marine Lake Association and contribute whatever amount you can!

Our suggested minimum fee has been $25 for the past several years. Use that as a guideline but not necessarily a minimum amount. Once again, your membership is very essential to the success of our battle against aquatic invasive species.

Click on the following image to print a membership form (Be sure to provide your email address so we can contact you with important updates throughout the year):